Hebrew With Naomi

My name is Naomi Miller and I provide private, one-on-one home instruction in Hebrew language and Bar/Bat Mitzvah studies to children in Toronto, Ontario.

With experience since 1988, I design my lessons to meet the needs and capabilities of each individual child.


I offer customized Hebrew language and Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation tutoring services in the following areas:

  • Remedial Hebrew reading, writing and comprehension
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah readings, blessings, prayers and rituals

I work with children of all Hebrew language skill levels. References are available upon request.

Each child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation involves learning and reviewing the following:

  • Melodies for chanting the Torah blessings and Haftarah blessings
  • Melodies for chanting the Maftir and the Haftarah
  • Melodies for chanting the Torah readings
  • Torah tropes and Haftarah tropes
  • Prayers, blessings and the sequence of the Shabbat, weekday morning, Havdallah or Rosh Chodesh services
  • Kiddush for a luncheon following services
  • D'var Torah preparation and delivery skills
  • Reading, pronunciation and melodic fluency of the Hebrew text


He was amazing. Sorry I haven't emailed. It's been a busy few days. Spencer was so good and it was a really emotional and beautiful service.
Thank you for all of your hard work. It really paid off.

Jennifer Koffman
Max was flawless and you should be very proud of your hard work in preparing him! The entire day was wonderful but the highlight was his reading. Magnificent if I do say so myself!
Thanks again,

Peri Wiseman
Matt did an incredible job yesterday. He sang with confidence and was perfect.
Thank you so much for everything. You are a wonderful teacher!
We will miss you every Monday!!

Rana Lindzon


Here are my students chanting and reciting Hebrew passages. All files are downloadable via mp3 format via SoundCloud.


Q: Do you offer a skills assessment of my child?

I offer a one-time consultation to meet with the parents and child and to review the child's needs and Hebrew language experience, and to discuss the Hebrew tutoring arrangement and objectives. During this consultation, I will bring sample teaching materials that I typically use during lessons. Based on this consultation, I then develop an appropriate program for the child.

Q: When should tutoring begin relative to my child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah date?

Every child is unique, has different interests, learns differently and has a different experience and background in Hebrew language and Jewish studies. I recommend that children who can recognize and decipher the Hebrew consonants and vowel points or can read Hebrew with accuracy and fluency begin their preparation with me at least one year before the ceremony. Keep in mind that families should allow additional preparation time for school breaks, extended family vacations, Jewish Holy Days, statutory holidays and summer vacations.

Q: How frequent are the lessons?

A one-hour lesson once per week is sufficient for many of my students to practice, review, acquire and retain information from week to week. If the parents feel that a modified schedule is more appropriate, that can be arranged at the beginning of the academic year. The schedule can be changed at any time with permission by the parents and myself, with the understanding that the child will be fully prepared for the allotted time. I ask that the schedule be maintained throughout the academic year, as I reserve the day and time slot for each child.

Q: What times do you have available for tutoring?

I work as a full-time Hebrew & Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutor, which allows flexibility in scheduling my students. I do my best to accomodate preferred days and time slots after school, evenings and weekends. There are no lessons scheduled on Jewish Holy Days, school breaks or statutory holidays. The schedule can be outlined in our first meeting and confirmed by e-mail communication.

Q: What is your policy on rescheduling if I have to cancel a lesson?

As a courtesy, I would appreciate receiving at least 24 hours' cancellation notice. In the event of an emergency or extenuating circumstances, I offer a make-up lesson to be scheduled on a day and time that suits the parents and me.

Q: Will my child have home assignments?

The work that I assign is minimal, can easily fit into the child's schedule, and is designed to reinforce the Hebrew language skills from lesson to lesson. Bar/Bat Mitzvah students are expected to consistently practice chanting their Hebrew readings between lessons for at least 20-30 minutes every other day. Parents will be informed every week as to the child's progress. If the child falls behind in his/her preparation, the parents and I can discuss an alternate plan. Of course, more practice means greater confidence and greater poise on the big day.

Q: My child attends Hebrew Day School. Why would my child require additional tutoring?

Sometimes Hebrew Day School students need extra help to clarify what is being taught in the classroom. It is difficult to ask for extra help at school and many teachers do not have enough time for sufficient additional tutoring. When a student shows signs that he/she may benefit from a tutor, it is best to seek tutoring assistance as soon as possible.

Q: How is your fee structure determined?

I pride myself in providing quality, private, one-on-one Hebrew tutoring in the comfort of your home or my home. I involve parents and children in the learning experience by offering feedback in-person and via e-mail. I drive or take the TTC to students' homes as I live within walking distance of the subway. I am able to provide you with a reasonable and competitive fee structure based on an hourly rate. Payment is due at the beginning of each month. A request for any changes to the tutorial arrangement is always discussed prior to the new academic year.

Contact Me

If you have any questions regarding my services, please feel free to contact me via e-mail at naomi@hebrewwithnaomi.ca or by telephone at 416-783-3439.

You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.